Raven and Phan

From The Bosporus To The Alps

​After a decade of creative search, Raven and Phan make a fresh appearance together. Their music is living, moving, and dramatic. Just like a Hindu feast, Raven and Phan’s sound comes in a splash of exciting colours to celebrate life. Raven (Utku) is from Istanbul and he is 31. He has been engaged in music since the age of 9. Despite receiving theoretical lessons on music for 7 years, he still relies on his ears for aesthetics more than any mathematical calculation. Since the last ten years he has been searching a new form of expression to perform his music. His skills with keys, melody making, and unconventional approach to playing the guitar finally found the groove and the soundscape to settle down in Phan’s music. His unwilling journey from the Middle East to North America, and back to Europe over the course of 10 years is his explanation for the variety of musical influences he has been exposed to. Raven keeps the feel and the feeling in the expressed form of music above all else. Previous projects; Cyrill Khan the band, Six Things with Alper Yakin; Apple Pitcher with Ilkhan Selcuk Erdogan, featured in Viko Sabotage’s last album; Aljhon Phan (Manuel Cyrill) is from Vienna and he is 31. He has been in music since early age and building up his knowledge mostly in autodidactic manner, learning to play the drums, guitar and finally keys. Studying Audio Design and subsequently digital arts he has developed a profound performative skill set that he uses to create an aural universe for the listener to dive into.

In 2019 they released their first collaboration with the artist Afrodeo: