Listen To The Wind But Different

2019 Soundinstallation
membranes, headphones, wind-wheel, electronics

Listen To The Wind But Different appears to visitors as a sound sculpture translating the speed of wind into a sonic experience. Through modulation of sound, which articulates itself as a shimmering and breathing, but still mechanical and sterile, grainy noise, the installation discusses the movement of air as an acoustically perceptible phenomenon.

Listen To The Wind But Different was presented at the Biennale Session at La Biennale di Venezia as part of the ::KAIROS RECALL OF EARTH project on the 4th of October 2019. The workshop was covering the weather as a perceptual phenomenon, organized as part of a collaboration between the Department of Digital Arts of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, and the ZAMG – the National Meteorological Service of Austria, Central Institute. Is “weather” a phenomenon that has the potential to show people their limits? Or does the horizon create unlimited possibilities in art through this “medium”? What is the relationship between art and weather phenomena and metaphorical language in the arts?