Edge Of listening

Das Werk, Vienna
8th-14th May 2019

Everyday, from 12:00 pm to 12:01 pm the acoustic situation is recorded with a smartphone. For playback, the material is arranged analogously to the process of recording. Each recording follows a pause of approximately 23 hours 59 minutes, which is again followed by the next recording and a pause and so on. Via a dial it is possible to manipulate the speed of the looped playback. It is adjustable from playback in realtime to 24 hours within a 17th of a second.

17Hz was presented at the group exhibition Edge Of Listening at Das Werk, Vienna from 8th-14th May 2019. The exhibition pointed at the edges of auditory perception and featured eight pieces by students of the DEPARTMENT OF DIGITAL ARTS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED ARTS VIENNA.