Cyrill Khan

Storm and stress

Cyrill Khan started off as an electronic trio by Utku Yücel, Ilkhan Selcuk Erdogan and Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Based on the arrangements by Manuel they performed shows, produced records and videos. Later on the project grew bigger and a collaboration with the rapper Jahson the Scientists and the gifted videographer and multi-instrumentalist Konrad Milan started.

Over the course of two years the released two EPs and a handful of music videos. One of the many highlights was a secret concert they performed at HUT, Vienna in 2015.

Cyrill M’s sound embraces its true identity through playing the fusion of electronic genres with live instruments. Speaking for musical and emotional compassion, their immanent vibe leaves a sensual impression. Produced with all-in-band capabilities, this young poetic band from Vienna is presenting their passionate EP: “Rememberant”.