ANSIA is a multi-disciplinary art-project that began with a fashion show by Erika Farina in February 2018. ANSIA is also the first collection by Erika Farina. It addresses the confrontation with anxieties and fears. It is a personal and artistic approach to communicate such feelings in experiments with modern materials and expressive shapes. Each representing a different cause of anxiety, the collection consists of eight pieces that are translated by the means of tailoring.


As part of the OSKAR NIMMT PLATZ program Erika’s ANSIA collection was re-contextualized in an improvisational performance and an interactive intervention. The confrontation with anxieties was expressed by the means of tailoring and in the processing of fabrics. In the intervention everyone was invited to take part in the collective creation of a garment and put form to his or her own anxieties. Together with the performer Denise Nguyen a performance was developed and two of the pieces of the ANSIA collection were vivified in an improvisational process.


At the impressive stone-arena ANSIA was presented as part of the programm of the vernisage. The performance lasted for about half an hour in which the costume worn by Denise was destroyed during the act. The remaining parts of the costume were displayed as an exhibit during the time of the show.

ANSIA is As part of the group-exhibition FROM ALEXA WITH LOVE the performance piece with Denise Nguyen was presented in a new context. The group exhibition curated by Petra Mühlmann-Hatzl took place at the wonderful areal of Symposion Lindabrunn from 17.8.-1.9.2018.a multi-disciplinary project that began with a fashion show by Erika Farina in February 2018.

ALEXA WITH LOVE Symposion Lindabrunn with participation of: Anatoliy Babiychuk, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Gabi Burger, Erika Farina, Sofia Goscinski, Stephanie Guse, Martin Landler, Sophie Lesch, Denise Nguyen, Carlo Obersteiner, Christiane Peschek

photos by slk photos


​The original ANSIA-show was presented at the Vienna Fashion Week 2018 as part of the SITAM fashion-show in September 2018. Thanks to the incredible team and professionalism of the organization of the MQVFW it was a memorable and great experience and we are proud to have been part of it.

ANSIA at Angewandte Kunst Audio - AKA

Alongside fourteen other submissions our soundtrack for ANSIA has been chosen for the open call CALL TO SOUND by AKA angewandte kunst audio. We have been part of the group exhibition at VZ07 on December the 11th 2018. You can listen to all works here: